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It's a fact that increasing numbers of Britons are choosing to retire abroad, and since the introduction of QROPS in 2006, many Britons have the opportunity to free up their UK pension from the restrictions of the British taxation and pension systems.

However, with this uniquely beneficial pension transfer opportunity comes the burden of understanding whether a QROPS is the right choice for you personally.

Many factors come into play when assessing whether an individual is best advised to transfer their pension or not, which is why it is critical that you receive qualified advice before making any decision or taking any action.

As Britons living abroad who have already been through the battle to find best advice about our personal pension options, we are acutely aware of how difficult it can be to get answers to some of the most common questions, such as: -

  • Do I have to pay UK tax on my pension when I receive it?
  • Will the British taxman grab any unspent pension when I die?
  • Do I have to buy an annuity with my pension now that I live abroad?
  • If I transfer my pension to a QROPS, which is the best jurisdiction?
  • Which financial services provider has the best QROPS for me?

This is precisely why we worked together to establish QROPS Choices. You can read more About Us and more About QROPS elsewhere on this website, but here's how our service works, and how we can help you...

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The Free Service We Offer You

If you're a British expatriate who's already living abroad, who has over £70,000 invested in a UK based private or occupational pension, and who wants to know more about their personal QROPS and pension transfer options we can help you.

At QROPS Choices we provide every single reader who contacts us with a free and comprehensive pension analysis report. This report is produced by one of our handpicked, qualified, regulated, experienced, recommended and independent financial advisers, and it is individually tailored to your own personal circumstances.

This analysis report examines your current pension position and your transfer options; and if a transfer path is deemed applicable and advisable, your QROPS options are also explored in depth.

How To Get The Right Advice

To receive your personalised and free UK pension vs. QROPS analysis and comparison report, produced by a fully qualified pensions expert, complete the form above. You can specify exactly how you would like to be contacted. You have nothing to lose and a potentially much wealthier and secure retirement to gain!

To Receive Your Free Pension Analysis & Guide To QROPS Simply Complete The Form Above

45.4% increase£1,384 extra annual income

" Mark, Annie, Lea and the team at QROPS Choices helped with a fairly complex asset transfer as well as providing advice and help with various pensions we had over several months. They ensured that our new fund and investment arrangements were exactly what we needed and were all running smoothly.
QROPS Choices done all the hard work and made the process as simple as possible for us. I will be recommending them to my friends and colleagues who have similar needs. "

Simon and Gillian, France

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